Please contact us for a consultation so that we may discuss your requirements and write a contract. Most projects begin with an initial day for preparation, presentations, and training, followed by two days of mosaic making.

The daily cost is a minimum of $400 per day for 8 hours and a maximum of six classes per day.

**Your group will be responsible for the supply costs and collection of recycled materials



  •  Artifactory asks our clients to collect odd tiles, brightly colored ceramic plates, bowls, and lids--high fire materials work best for outside projects. 

  • Schools and Organizations with kilns can contribute and make personalized tiles to go into the Mosaics.

  • Artifactory will also assist in finding mirrors from Re-Store.


  • All other materials (Portland Cement, Goggles, Utility Gloves, Play Sand, Cement Board or Backer Board, Acrylpro or other Tile Mastic can be found at Home Stores).



1. DRAFTING A PLAN: Artifactory will meet with representative(s) of

your school or organization to discuss concepts or ideas for yourmosaics. Artifactory will create and draft a drawing for your mosaic project. Participants can contribute their drawings for the mosaic design.

​2. GETTING MATERIALS READY:Next, Artifactory will meet with representatives or group to learn how to organize and prepare the ceramics and mirror pieces.

3. CREATING THE DESIGN: Following that, Lynda Elias will draw the sketch

for the design on the cement board or wall.

​4. LEARN THE MOSAIC PROCESS: Finally, Artifactory will meet with your

group  and will teach you the  mosaic process.